Marshall Munitions - Precision Training 9mm 124g FMJ FN

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Marshall Munitions Ammunition is Not Available to Ship on the Western Tactical Website. Please purchase ammo directly from the Marshall Munitions website if interested in purchasing to ship.

Hollow points are the choice for self defense or duty carry applications. But those high performance rounds are expensive, and not practical for high volume practice shooting. Yet, they are often hotter than practice rounds, and develop a bit more recoil than typical range practice rounds. When you are training for when it counts, you want to train with ammunition that feels and behaves exactly like your real world defensive round.

Marshall PRECISION TRAINING rounds are specially designed to feel and perform identically to our PRECISION DEFENSE rounds. These high-quality FMJ rounds are suitable for target training and action pistol purposes and are an economical alternative to hollow point defensive bullets.

The rounds are not simply loaded with the same bullet weight and powder charge like other manufactures touting the same type of product might do. Nor are they loaded to the same velocity. Those two criteria will not match up to the same feel and recoil, because the bullets are so different. A 124g hollow point will sit much deeper in the case than a flat nose bullet, decreasing headroom, while increasing pressure and recoil.  Our PRECISION TRAINING rounds are developed on recoil energy and feel, which takes quite a bit of testing and development. We don't know of another manufacture out there that does it this way, and in our not so humble opinion, our method is far superior for this specific purpose.

In a heated moment of battle, reflexes and muscle memory will take over, so be ready by carrying Marshall PRECSION DEFENSE, and training with Marshall PRECISION TRAINING. 

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